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Christina has helped to re-ignite my love for ballet! I was delighted to find Christina's ballet class and studio a few months back as I was looking to take up a much-loved hobby from my childhood again. Although some of the steps came back to me, there is always room for improvement and Christina is excellent at providing feedback and to explaining how you can improve even more the next time. She puts so much effort in to ensure we all dance to the best of our abilities, whether it's in class or with the videos she sends us throughout the week. I thoroughly enjoy going to her class every week!

One thing that really impresses me about Christina is the amount of work she puts into the class. She really cares about your progression and is patient. If you don't understand a technique she will take the time to explain it. For example, I was really struggling with a certain aspect of the dance and she broke it down into simplier steps. She also sent me a video so I could picture it better.

I have seen so much progress in my ability to dance and now feel much more confident. Classes are affordable and fun. I would highly recommend this studio. There is something for everyone. It is never too late to start dancing! Go for it! You won't regret it.

When I started ballet as an adult over 40 at Galway Dance Centre in 2017, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My fear was that it would be a bunch of teenagers who had been dancing since they could walk, and that I would feel ridiculous and out of place. But I decided to go for it, and found instead a very welcoming environment, with people close to my age, with varying levels of experience. The teachers worked with us at our level and it was amazing to see the progress we all made in just a short time. Going back to dancing after so many years (I took ballet lessons from age 11-14) was not easy, but it has had such a positive impact on my life. I highly recommend to everyone, find a kind of music you love and learn to dance to it! Ballet may not be for everyone, but there are so many other options, like contemporary, hip hop, Irish, tap, salsa, waltz, and jive. You don’t need a partner, just join in and give it a try!


This is my 3rd year attending classes in the Galway Dance Centre. I didn't have an opportunity to take dance classes as a child so was delighted when I got the chance to take actual lessons. This is more than a keep fit class. Both Christina and Christine take time to teach each student proper technique developing, posture, turn out, flexibility and musicality all in an atmosphere of friendly fun. Even during Lockdown lessons continue by Skype and Zoom so we don't forget what we have learned.

I recommend Galway Dance Centre to  anyone of any age wanting to start dance. 

Lauren O' Loughlin



 I am delighted that I found the Galway Dance Centre, it is absolutely amazing to have the opportunity to rent the studio for private lessons or just for a personal dance practice. The studio has everything one dancer requires, it's spacious, with proper barres,  mirrors & most important a sprung floor often lacking in gyms or art centres although so essential for your joints for any jump! It is situated in a great central location with free parking. The flexibility in booking your own sessions works really great for people like myself with a rather busy schedule. I will certainly be using it more frequently!

Irma Joyce

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