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You are looking for socializing, fun, fitness... just look into courses offered below, there is surely one for you.

Tel: 087 99 33 070

See how to attend THE FREE CLASS OF THE WEEK in "news button"

THE ONLY "DANCE CLUB" in Galway with a monthly pass, register for 1 or 2 month & take as many classes as you wish

"Shop around" is essential
Compare prices & quality,... but also references
You would ask references for a babyseatter or employee you surely should do same for a teacher! Dance involve "shaping muscles & body posture" it is ESSENTIAL to get a professional guidance from a person who studied professionally dance & not from a person who like dancing & just decide to "open" a class saying "I'm only teaching beginners!" which is the most difficult level to teach as 1) the person needs to get the right movements 2) The person could not assess if it is correct or wrong! you could teach me Chinese, I would not know if it is Japanese or Russian or "Mickey mouth language" !
Believe me I have been asked & I even taught several times people who "love" dancing but didn't train in Dance in view to teach either in "Summer camp", youth club, gym etc...taking those few classes didn't make them dancers nor teachers ...but there they are...out in the world offering courses as unfortunately there is no government qualification required to "shape people's muscles"! It is frightening!

Would you see someone taking 6 piano lessons & teach piano! Dance isn't easier!

Voucher of the value YOU wish in the course that the person who receives it wishes

When 2 members register for an 8 weeks course or a children's term the 2nd member gets 10% , 3th member  15%, 4th  and  all  other 20% discount.


When 3 friends register for an 8 weeks course the 3rd friend gets 10% , 4th friend 15%, 5th friend and all other friends 20% discount

Dancing Holidays organized in Cuba (enquire with us)

We offer:
- Dance courses for children & adults (see list below)
- Holiday Camp for children
- Special Day "crash course" to learn to dance better in one day
- Special private classes (wedding preparation, dance interviews or contests, to gain confidence dancing
- Rent of the Dance studio
- Art exhibition's space
- Holidays in Cuba
- Vouchers for presents
House to rent
In Connemara (between Roundstone & Ballyconneely) short holiday or long term

- Flamenco Children 5.30 pm / Adults 6.30 pm booking required (Teacher: Yolanda Spain) 
- Ballroom Fox Trot, Chachacha etc Adults 7.30 pm
- Salsa Adults Beg 7.30 pm, Inter 8 pm, Adv 9 pm
- Dance fitness Adults 1 pm
- Senior Citizen Social Dancing 2 pm
Burlesque Adults 6.30 pm
- Waltz & Country Jive Adults 7.30 pm
- Tap Adults 8.30 pm
- Latin Mix (Merengue, Reaggeton, Zumba) Adults 1 pm
- Creative Ballet Children 4yrs - 6yrs 4.45 pm - 5.45 pm
- Ballet Children 7yrs - 9yrs 5.15 pm - 6.15 pm
- Ballet Adults 6.30 pm
- Hip-hop & fitness Adults 7.30 pm
- Sean-nos Adults 8.30 pm
- Breakdance Children 5.30 pm
- Breakdance Adults 6.30 pm
- Creative Dance Tots (from 2yrs 1/2) & Mums 9.15 am
- Creative Ballet Children (4yrs - 7yrs) 10 am
- Hip-hop kids Children (6yrs up) 11.15 am
- Hip-hop Teens 12 noon
- Tango
Adults 4 pm
Wedding Preparation:
- Book time & day that suits you for your private class to set your 1st dance

 Courses for Adults (till Senior Citizen): we are offering most weeks of the year courses in Ballet, Hip-hop, Salsa, Regueton, Latin Ladies styling, Tango, Waltz, Jive, Ballroom "Strickly come dancing", Burlesque, Wedding preparation, Irish dancing, American Tap, Sean-nos, Contemporary, Creative Dance, Belly dance, Break-dance, Toddlers and Mums, Slim Fit, Get in shape, Yoga, Pilate, Social dancing for Senior Citizen and Special needs dancing, private sessions in all type of dancing & for talented & very advanced students.
Courses for children & late teens:
we are offering most weeks of the year courses in Ballet, Kids fit, Hip-hop, Disco Free style, Latin Social dancing, Irish dancing, American Tap dancing, Creative Dance, Break-dance, and Special needs dancing.
Courses info: in buttons beside, & below.
Dates of Courses: Most adults courses are opened through out the year, children and teens courses follow the national school year's holidays. Special courses for children and teens may be organized during holidays.

present  vouchers
Vouchers of the value that you wish is available, for all adults & children courses, just get in touch with us.

Hens dance session
Have fun with a dance class of your choice. Prepare your last disco whild dancing night with a few steps & dance routines

Strickly come Dancing
New course enquire now to be in 1st course.
Fun, chalenge, grace, coordination the most complete of all partner dances

Disco Free Style for kids
Book now for Sept, the "all in one" dance, speed,  physical,  fitness,  technique , but mostly fun

Starting now
- Adults & Late Teens

Learn to Waltz & Jive
in 1 day or in 6 weeks course

Get ready for the coming parties, learn to Waltz & Jive in only one day with this intensive course (every 6 weeks)
Details in "News" Limited places, booking taken now.

Starting Contemporary
booking required
Contemporary the joy of dancing balancing your body into falls to the ground,

Salsa Courses
Total Beginners:

For those of you who live to Salsa or wish to start dancing Salsa Christina, the principal of the Galway Dance Centre, runs pure Cuban style Salsa classes, passing on the moves that she gets on each of her trip to Cuba & offers custom tours to Cuba, addresses and tips (info in "news & events" button)
Improvers & Advance groups

For those who have a few steps but whish to do more at ease, get more style, more "moves"
Cuban trips: Dance Holidays in Cuba
The Cuban link button gives us "problems" so far, it works after viewing "home" sorry about this.
There are also info in "news & events" button or contact us.

Wedding preparation: The Waltz - Jive or Ballroom course will give a good basic for general, usual wedding dances. The private classes will set a more specific, personal presentation of the wedding dance, it also gives the option to choose the music to which the couple will dance their 1st dance.

A good work out for adults, teens, children, tots pushing you to the limit & its fun!

A perfect harmonious work out for Adults of all age, fun courses for children & teens giving them a good exercise, confidence & style.

Tap Dancing:
A most energetic course getting you fitter than you would think of, very relaxing & fun for Adults & Children alike!

The most gracefull of social dances (to book)

Sean-nos Irish Dancing:
The lively Irish music is the best "lift" to make all "2 left feet" people and all children dance. It is fun and good fitness. Classes are for adults.

Flamenco & Danza Espanola
A strong & elegante fun dance involving a good coordination of feet & arms

Slim fit:
A special course for the ones who wish a good work out, but not repetitive like Aerobic nor too dance orientated like Hip-hop. The Latin music bring a relaxed, exotic mood to the fitness routines, perfect for middle age women.

Dance Camp during majeur school holidays
Dance Camp booking necessary, please contact us re dates
- 4yrs to 7yrs old at 9am till 11am
- 8yrs to 12yrs at 11am till 1pm

You would be surprised how easy, enjoyable it is to Dance when shown & taught correctly with a professional teacher, who can "break it down" for you. No more feeling of embarrassment when you "have to be on a dance floor"!
You are welcome in all courses, and you may be surprised to meet others and not be  the only one! Just ring us to enquire.

Young boys:

As Parent do not leave your child to be in the same embarrassment than probably his father, give him a chance to learn to move & dance! We take them from 2yrs 1/2 till late teens, courses are made equally enjoyable for boys & girls with special steps & routines for both, you don't dress a boy in pink, we don't teach him romantic routines!

Senior Citizens:
Never too late ... you can still enjoy moving & dancing, or learning to dance . Just ring  us for getting the best advise on our special courses for you.

Exiting projects
You are interested in to us we will help you.

Private or Special courses to suit you:
The Dance Centre also offers private classes (in all style above) or special groups (hen parties, birthdays in all style above).
Shows in your event:
We can go to take part in your event, wedding, birthday, conference...either performing or teaching.

Rent of studio:
We rent the studio to qualified teachers for regular classes, workshops or for special occasions, to enquire.

We welcome Art exhibition in the Dance Centre's space
If you are an artist & you are looking for a space to exhibit your Art get in touch with Christina

Where, How much, How to register...
Our studio:
We have a specially equipped dance studio. with a sprung wooden floor (too many people do not realize that any "hard floor" such as tiles, wood on concrete... should be band for gyms & dance studios as the body joints, ankles, knees, spine...suffer so much jumping on those. It is most unhealthy! It is also equipped for special courses such as Ballet...with full wall mirrors & bares, curtains are pulled in front of mirrors, lights deemed for social dancing to create a nicer atmosphere.
Dance Centre location:

We are in the side of Galway called Terryland and we are in a shopping complex called "Terryland Retail Park" beside Dunnes Stores Terryland

In Terryland Retail Park we are in the building in the middle of the Terryland shops' parking. 
We are above the red Wallpaper shop, it is the only full red building. We have yellow signs on the front above our entrance' door & at the back of the building on the fire escape stairs, this back door is usually not opened. The entrance is a glass door at the front of the building, on which dance posters are displayed.
N.B: In the same building you will find the laundry (blue building), the frame shop (yellow building), the medical shop (white building) and the wall paper shop (red building),

Fees: in pay in advance option 1) & 2) any class missed can be taken in a parallel course of your choice, as long as you are registered in a course.

Also Look for our special offers above!
Adults courses 1h sessions:

- 1) Cheapest rate offer: pay for 2 month in a course 80(save 24) & avail of a free PASS to all other open courses of your level
- 2) Reduced rate offer: pay for 1 month in a course 44 (save 8) & avail of a free PASS to all other open courses of your level (N.B. Waltz & Jive is 6 weeks 70)
- 3) Trial class & drop of classes 13  (not available for Waltz & Jive)

Adults courses 1h1/4 sessions:
- 1) Cheapest rate offer: pay
for 2 month in the course 96 (save 24) & avail of a free PASS to all other open courses of your level
- 2) Reduced rate offer: pay
for 1 month in a course 52 (save 8) & avail of a free PASS to all other open courses of your level 
- 3) Trial class & drop of classes 15  

Children Teens courses:
any class missed can be taken in a parallel course of your choice, as long as you are registered in a course.

- One trial class: There is no "drop in" option for children but a child can try 1 class and pay for it, it is between 9 , 10, 13 depending on age and length of session, cheapest rate term's fee will be based on same rate.

*The term follows the National School holidays.
*The rate for the fee vary depending on the age of the child, the length of the sessions.

Fees: depends on the lenght of the term & the age of the student

- 1) Cheapest rate when paid by terms *
- 2) Easy pay option fee paid in the first 3 weeks as 1/3 each week (N.B. there is a 10% added for this option)

Payment for adults & children:
All sessions taken must be paid for up to date, including the 1st one.
Cash, cheque or postal order made to Christina Maze, not to "Dance Centre",
sorry no credit card accepted.

To register or for information just:

- Ring 087 99 33 070
- Email to or
- Write: Postal address to send payment for bookings:
  to:  Christina Maze, Dance Centre above "Paint rite" ,   Terryland Retail Park, Galway, Ireland
- Cheque, postal order made to Christina Maze, not to Dance

Salsa with Christina (photo)


Flamenco with Yolanda (photo)

Tango with Cecile (photo)

Stricly Come Dancing & wedding preparation

Break Dance with Volter (photo)

Waltz & Jive with Christina (photo)

Ballet (Children, Teens, Adults)


Tap Dancing


Social dancing